C5 The Family Restored – The Family Impact of Addiction

Substance use disorder can have a dramatic affect on the entire family and coping with a love one’s SUD can be challenging, frustrating, and painful. Often, family members suffer tremendously with limited resources available for guidance and support. We will outline the symptoms of SUD and describe how SUD relates to the family response. We will offer appropriate and effective coping skills to help manage your relationship with your loved one who misuses substances.

Learning Objectives
Outline the symptoms of SUD
Describe how SUD relates to the family response
Discover ways in which families can eliminate or reduce co-dependency and enabling
Implement healthy boundaries
Improve self-care


Eric Girard Eric is the executive director of The Family Restored. He is a person in long-term recovery and has worked in the substance use disorder field for over 10 years. He specializes in working with families affected by substance use disorder.

Jon Cross Jon is a person in long-term recovery. He is an LADC, has a masters in education, and speaks to youth across New England about the affects of SUD. He is the founder of Cross Wellness and serves as the associate head soccer coach for the University of Southern Maine