C4 Technology and Recovery: How to Blend Modern Capabilities into a Recovery Journey

After an introduction of technology and a demonstration of its many capabilities, the presenter will apply technology to the recovery lifestyle. There will be an extended question and answer session* to further engage the audience in integrating technology with recovery.*  


Dipper Castaldo Dipper is the Assistant Executive Director of the Maine Prisoner Re-Entry Network, which provides recovery from incarceration services including complimentary peer support and life navigation services. While not all of the formally incarcerated have a history of substance use, the majority do, and a lot of our approach keeps that truth at the forefront. Prior to working with MPRN, Dipper was a professional computer technician, with over ten years’ experience working for internet service providers, including Comcast.

*This will not be a workshop to respond to technological issues or challenges. The focus is on integrating technology with the recovery journey.