Spirituality, Mental Health, and Intentional Peer Support

We will ask, discuss, and learn about what do people mean by spirituality? How is it different from religion? Can/should I come (would I be welcome in) to this group if I am atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, nature or other worshiper, etc.? Might spirituality be related to resilience? Am I spiritual and either don’t know it or don’t know how to define that? What does a higher power or source have to do with the Christian notion of God, the Buddhist ideas of nirvana, the paths of mystics and so forth? Come and find out! Come and contribute. Let’s find/create the “connection” we know from intentional peer support.

Learning Objectives

1) Finding (or identifying possibilities as to) your inner path.
2) What’s behind the idea of healing, and or healing “from within”?
3) Ideas on peace, resilience, wholeness and IPS.


Ellen Butler Ellen is a long time traveler on the road of recovery. Two young adult children, lover of dogs, animals and nature. Bachelor of Social Work (field work exp. in peer model development, City of Bangor), Bachelor’s in Applied Science and Technology with a minor in Psychology. Many years in different twelve step programs, counseling, exposure to Buddhism and Congregational Church upbringing, mental health worker, participant and volunteer in area peer center and SAMSHA peer center.