September – December 2023 | Peer Support Leadership Technical Assistance Sessions

Peer Support Leadership Technical Assistance Sessions

*Application required - accepted on a rolling basis up to 2 weeks before start of each session or requested TA date. Limited space available*

Dates: up to 4 sessions chosen upon approval of application
Dates available from September-December 2023

Price: FREE

Peer support has continued to grow and develop in Maine. The Coaching provided by Randy Morrison provides support for emerging or current CIPSS leaders and supervisors to develop the necessary skills such as:
-Structuring successful peer support programs with fidelity
-Exploring concepts related to strategic planning and growth
-Strengthening peer support supervision, and cultivate strong, resilient teams
-Meaningfully integrating the voice of people with lived experience and those receiving services
-Identifying partners and developing MOUs, contracts, and payer agreements
-Understanding state contracting and strengthening relationships with the state
-Developing budgets and financial proposals, effectively managing finances, and understanding payment models
-Aligning documentation standards to peer support fidelity
-And much more!
Technical assistance is prioritized for those who are new and existing leaders in Maine in the field of peer support supervision and who have their immediate supervisor’s support to participate in technical assistance. Based upon identified needs and the specific goals defined in the application and refined after the first session, the technical assistance will consist of up to 4 total sessions with a frequency that can range from weekly to monthly; quantity and frequency of sessions will be based upon the needs and goals of the request. At the end of the technical assistance, peers will be asked to complete an evaluation to provide feedback and a summation of the experience and how their needs were met, and any ongoing or newly emerged needs.

Instructor: Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison (he/him) is a person who personally understands the challenges of navigating substance use and mental health concerns. He has worked in the peer support field for over 10 years and is a Certified Intentional Peer Support (IPS) Specialist, IPS Trainer, and Recovery Coach trainer. Randy led the growth and implementation of peer support programs across a continuum of healthcare services, including emergency departments, primary care, behavioral health clinics, youth programs, case management programs, and four peer support centers. Randy oversaw the largest peer support team in Maine, reaching over 60 positions. More recent, he has offered consultation on building peer support programs, peer support supervision, and supporting the authentic inclusion of lived experience into the mental health system.


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