C1 Honoring and Caring for your Recovery in the Workplace

Recognizing and learning about second-hand trauma is our best defense against acquiring energy that does not belong to us. In this workshop, you will learn about what secondary trauma is, how to heal and prevent being negatively affected by it, and a self-guided technique to remain grounded and present during high stress and triggering situations at your workplace.

Learning Objectives
1) Specific practices to protect personal recovery and mental health in high-stress situations (Mindful grounding)
2) What second-hand trauma is, and how it impacts the peer recovery field
3) Using external and internal resources to be an effective PRSS

Anna Battle
Anna has worked in the substance use prevention and treatment field for over five years as a CRSW and CRSW Supervisor assisting individuals with their chosen path to wellness through trauma-informed support and coaching, and guiding others towards obtaining peer recovery credentials in the state of NH. Anna has worked within systems, providing solution-focused education to state and community agencies on substance use disorder. Through her own personal journey of recovery and healing, Anna became an energy practitioner certified in Reiki and the Melchizedek Method and facilitates at Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary in Dover, NH. Anna lives on the Seacoast of, NH with her two children and rescue pup named Lucia. Anna is an advocate for the abolition of the War on Drugs.