Diagnosing Intoxication, Delirium, and Psychosis in Patients Presenting with Substance Use Disorder

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Diagnosing Intoxication, Delirium, and Psychosis in patients presenting with Substance Use Disorders

This session explores the overlapping presentations of Intoxication, Delirium, and Psychosis in the clinical context of Substance Use Disorders.  We will review the definitions of each of these Psychiatric diagnoses and clinical presentations.  We will use some brief discussion cases to identify the differential thinking needed to diagnose and treat these complicated patients.

Learning Objectives:
Review the criteria for diagnosing intoxication, delirium, and psychosis
Differentiate these diagnoses when presenting separately and overlapping in SUD patients
Classify psychotropic drugs used to treat these conditions
Review the neurotransmitter pathways involved in the conditions and the indications for treatment.