Cultural Awareness Series, Part 2 | Healing Begins with Truth: Understanding Colonization

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Course description:

Explore the differences between the worldview and culture of indigenous peoples and settlers (and their descendants). Using historical and present-day examples, participants will examine the deliberate strategies of colonization and resulting impacts on indigenous people, land, and culture, including the dominant culture that maintains systemic racism and oppression. This program will identify strategies to support healing. It is intended to serve as a safe space for participants to further their understanding of indigenous culture as it relates to their work in the helping professions.

You will be able to:

  • Examine the differences in worldview and culture between indigenous peoples and settlers and their descendants through historic and present-day examples of colonization and resistance.
  • Describe the calculated strategies used by settlers and their descendants to exert control over indigenous people, land, and resources, and how Wabanaki people were impacted and resisted.
  • Discuss the domination culture that continues today, maintaining systemic oppression of Indigenous, Black, and Brown people, the truth of our shared history, and the threads for healing and change.