Combat Stress, PTSD, and Pain Management Course Evaluation

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Course Description

There are many kinds of combat stress.  Two of the most common are the physical wear and tear on the veteran, which can result in chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress.  Chronic pain and PTSD frequently co-occur:  66-80% of veterans with PTSD also have chronic pain.  This presentation will discuss several reasons why these two problems co-occur in combat veterans and how they exacerbate each other.  It will address what we know about effectively treating the two problems in an integrative manner.  It will also make recommendations regarding non-opioid approaches to treating chronic pain.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify at least reasons why PTSD and chronic pain often co-occur in combat veterans
  2. Describe two promising integrative treatments for co-morbid PTSD and chronic pain.
  3. Identify at least two strategies they can take to assess and facilitate treatment of co-occurring pain and PTSD.