B2 Centering Youth Voice in Treatment

Empowering young people to engage in treatment begins with ensuring their voice is heard and valued in decisions that impact their lives. In order to meaningfully do this, we must make youth feel like they belong in spaces where their needs are discussed and that their contributions matter. This is not only their Right, it achieves better outcomes. Presenters will share practical ways adults can genuinely partner with youth through very “adult-centric” processes and incorporate strategies to develop self determination and decision making skills. Also, learn more about Maine’s Youth Peer Support services and the Rights youth have when receiving treatment.


The Youth Peer Support Statewide Network is reimagining youth and young adult mental health services in Maine, by focusing on lived experience, connection and self-determination. Peer support staff practice intentional peer support and also self-identify with mental health and substance use challenges. The network offers activities including one-on-one youth peer support, drop-in spaces, and support groups.

Disability Rights Maine DRM is Maine’s Protection & Advocacy agency for people with disabilities. This means we represent people whose rights have been violated or who have been discriminated against based on their disability. We also provide training on rights and self-advocacy and we advocate for public policy reform.