B1 Advocacy for Accessing Mental Health Services in Maine: Strategies and Solutions


MaineCare, Maine’s Medicaid program, provides health insurance coverage for various mental health services. Problems arise when people who are eligible for this coverage have difficulty obtaining these services due to barriers in how the system operates in practice. This workshop will examine those barriers and what strategies can be used to overcome them, including how to access the new community based advocacy services offered through Disability Rights Maine.


Mark Joyce Mark joined DRM as an attorney in 2001 and is currently the manager of its mental health program. His practice has focused exclusively in the area of mental health law. He has advocated for the advancement of the rights of individuals with psychiatric labels in cases brought at every level of Maine’s court system and serves as one of the class counsels in the class action lawsuit commonly known as the AMHI Consent Decree case.
Jane Moore Jane joined Disability Rights Maine in 2017 as an advocate for the patients at Riverview. Prior to this she served as a Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist also at Riverview. Jane graduated from NYU law school and worked as a legal services attorney in Miami representing clients in public benefits and immigration cases. Realizing her passion to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, Jane changed her area of practice to disability rights and has done this work in both Florida and Illinois as well as Maine. Jane is a person with a psychiatric label and has had personal experiences receiving services in both inpatient and outpatient settings during her recovery.