2021.01.14 | Calm at Heart – Healing Through Art

2021.01.14 | Calm at Heart – Healing through Art | 1:30p.m. to 3p.m.

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Workshop Description
Storytelling has long been recognized for its therapeutic value in helping people recover. By adding
collage, the benefits are greatly increased because it provides a path for the creation of personal
art. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about art. Some people may say you have
to be a painter or sculptor to be considered a “real artist”. Others believe that you are either born
with talent or not. Many who don’t consider themselves to be artistic feel that there is no point or
benefit in creating art since they won’t be happy with the results. We are all born with the desire to
express ourselves and art allows us to do that. Whether it be through storytelling, knitting, painting,
photography, or collage. In this interactive hands-on workshop, participants will blend the craft of
storytelling and collage to explore their own journey through recovery. By using images and
photographs, participants will learn how to create collages that hold personal meaning. Participants
should bring one or two photographs (copies if possible) to use in this project. Other materials will
be provided.

About the Presenters
Amanda Peters
Amanda is a fellow peer who works for the Consumer Council System of Maine (CCSM)
as the current Outreach Coordinator. She has an education/background in Elementary
Education, Psychology, and Mental Health & Human Services. She is currently working towards
completing her MHRT/C. Previously, Amanda has worked as a Community Case Manager,
Homeless Outreach Worker, Family Visitor, Mental Health Case Manager, Behavioral Health
Professional and Kindergarten Teacher. She lives in Augusta with her 6-year-old son, Zachary
and her partner Jeff. Amanda is currently an active member of the Maine Isshinryu Karate
Academy (MIKA), University of Maine Alumni Association, and advocates relentlessly for her
son’s behavioral health needs. In her leisure time, she enjoys sewing, creating art in many
different forms, spending time with her family, traveling, and all things Disney.

Brian Harnish Brian is a fellow peer who currently volunteers at the Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse in
Bangor. He has an education/background in Disability Rights, Advocacy, and Computer
Technology. He is currently an active member with the Consumer Council System of Maine,
Consumer Advisory Committee for the University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion &
Disability Studies and Speaking Up For Us (SUFU). Brian lives in Bangor where his nature
photography has been featured several times in the Bangor Daily News. In his spare time, Brian
enjoys various forms of technology, advocacy and photography. He feels very strongly that artistic
expression is a very important part of healing that has helped him throughout his life. He uses
photography as his creative outlet and spends most of his time trying to capture various wildlife
through those images.